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The scholarship application season for 2024-2025 is winding down. Scholarships still accepting applications are listed first.

Students selected for scholarships will be notified by email throughout April, May and June. Recipients must login to Huskies Scholarships, accept the scholarship offer and submit a thank you letter for the donor or the scholarship will be canceled.

To apply, sign in, submit a General Scholarship Application and take the next step:

Opportunities > Recommended – Apply for any of the scholarships recommended for YOU if you think you will qualify.
Opportunities > Ours – View the complete list of all scholarships and search for opportunities using a Keyword or Filter.
Opportunities > External – These scholarships are offered by local and national organizations having their own application process.

Scholarships with an Apply button require additional information. Those without the button are “auto-match” scholarships and you if meet the requirements your application will be added to the pool for consideration. You will not see the scholarships for which you have been auto-matched on your homepage (click My Applications).
You must meet minimum enrollment requirements during the semester(s) a scholarship is received.

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Keyword examples – your major, minor, department, college/school, class level, nontraditional, veteran, LGBTQ, hometown, volunteer, internship, diversity, student org, etc.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
varies Mollie Young Outstanding Internship Award in Communication Studies
To be considered for this scholarship a student must be pursuing a major...
$1,000.00 Arthur and Barbara Grachek Communication Studies Scholarship
1. Active in a student organization affiliated with Communication...
$1,000.00 Charles and Carol Vick Communication Studies Scholarship
1. Communication Studies major 2. Nontraditional student as defined by...
750-1000 Intercultural Communication Minor Scholarship
1. Admitted to minor in Intercultural Communication (you do not have to...
$1,000.00 Judy C. Pearson Communication Studies Alnwick Scholarship
1. Pursuing a major, minor or certificate in Communication Studies 2....
$1,000.00 Judy C. Pearson Diversity Scholarship
1. Pursuing a major, minor or certificate in Communication Studies 2....
$1,000.00 Judy C. Pearson Scholarship
1. Admitted major in Communication Studies 2. Junior or senior when...
$1,000.00 Judy C. Pearson Scholarship for First Year Students
1. New entering freshman or new entering transfer student 2....
varies Mary Ahles Adams Forensics (Speech & Debate) Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to students who intend to participate in the...
varies Ray Pedersen Memorial Scholarship
1. Undergraduate student affiliated with Communication Studies 2. GPA...
$1,000.00 Robert and Alice Wick Communication Studies Scholarship
1. Communication Studies major 2. Enrolled full-time 3. Junior or...
$1,000.00 Robert and LuBell Kendall Communication Studies Scholarship
1. Admitted to major or minor in Communication Studies 2. Overall GPA...