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There are over 500 different Huskies Scholarships available to SCSU students, with a wide variety of eligibility requirements.

Scholarships currently accepting applications are listed first. Most scholarships accept applications in January and February for the upcoming academic year.

Do not apply for scholarships during your final term.
Awards determined during fall semester will be applied to spring 2024 tuition.
Awards determined during spring semester will be applied to next academic year.

Complete your general scholarship application before applying for individual scholarships that require additional information.

• Click a scholarship’s name to see eligibility requirements.
• Scholarships requiring additional information will have an Apply button when they are accepting applications.
• Scholarships that do not require additional information display “None” in the Actions column but you must submit your general application before that scholarship’s deadline to be considered for an award. Click the names of these “auto-match” scholarships to display their deadlines.

The Scholarship Application Season for 2024-2025 will begin in January 2024.
You may submit a general scholarship application before January but should login during January and February to apply for individual scholarships and update your general application if appropriate. Many scholarships require additional information so you must apply for them individually after submitting a general scholarship application. You must meet minimum enrollment requirements during the semester(s) a scholarship is received.

Keyword examples – your major, minor, department, college/school, class level, nontraditional, veteran, volunteer, internship, diversity, hometown, student org, etc.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$5,000.00 Bill Hyers Political Science Scholarship
1. Political Science major with a desire to work in electoral politics ...
500-1000 Caldecott Family Scholarship in Political Science
1. Junior or senior during term scholarship is disbursed 2. Declared...
varies Mark Foerster Congressional Internship Fund
This scholarship is for a full time student (undergraduate or graduate)...
varies Nick Begich Endowed Scholarship
1. Major in Political Science 2. Junior or senior during term...
$1,000.00 Pat's Paladin Award
Pat’s Paladin Award seeks to foster creativity, curiosity and dreams of...
varies Robert Becker Memorial Endowed Scholarship
1. Major in Political Science, pursuing a pre-law course of study...
500-1500 Ronald and Eleanor Riggs Scholarship in Political Science
1. Major in Political Science, Public Administration or International...
$1,000.00 Steve Frank Memorial Scholarship
1. Undergraduate major in Political Science or International Relations ...