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The site is currently closed for maintenance. Feel free to explore scholarship opportunities even though applications are not being accepted at this time.

If you were offered a scholarship for the upcoming year and have not yet submitted a thank you letter for the donor please email your letter to HuskiesScholarships@stcloudstate.edu or your award may be canceled.

Note: Most scholarship awards for academic year 2022-2023 were determined during spring 2022 but there are several departments that will begin accepting applications in late August 2022 for the upcoming academic year (awards will be applied to 2022-2023 tuition).

Students need to complete a new General Application for scholarships each academic year.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
1000-1500 Dale L. and Gretchen N. Swanson Film Studies Scholarship
1. Film studies major 2. Junior or senior during term scholarship is...
varies Marge Hams Memorial Scholarship for Theatre Students
1. Theatre major or minor 2. Sophomore, junior, or senior during term...
$1,000.00 R. Keith and Marion Bankert Michael Theatre Scholarship
This scholarship is for students admitted to major in Theatre who have...
1500-2000 Ronald G. Perrier Endowed Scholarship in Film Studies
1. Declared major or minor in Film Studies 2. Has completed at least 9...
varies Theatre Endowed Scholarship
1. Admitted to major in Theatre 2. Overall GPA if 3.0 3. Essay required