Monte Johnson Computer Science Scholarship Endowment

1. Computer Science major 2. Demonstrated interest in statistics or mathematics 3. Overall GPA 3.0 and 3.25 in major courses 4. Enrolled full time when the scholarship is received; Preference for students who have financial need

TO APPLY: Print and complete the Application (link here) and then SAVE your completed application as an electronic file (scan and save as a PDF or photograph and save as a JPG).
1) Apply for this scholarship online (requires you to upload your completed Application electronically)
2) Turn in your completed paper Application, an unofficial SCSU transcript and degree audit report to the department office ECC-139 before the application deadline.

When applying for more than one scholarship in math, statistics, computer science and/or information technology, you should give the department only one printed application, transcript and degree audit report.

Awards will be made at a scholarship awards dinner. See the application form for details.

College of Science/Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload your completed application here, as 1 file if possible. If you saved your application as multiple images (JPG) upload page 1 here and use the questions below to upload additional images.
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