Mary Jane Young Scholarship

1. Female, U.S. citizen age 25 or older (nontraditional) who completed some college coursework but did not attain a degree and is returning to college (or may be transferring to SCSU) 2. Applicant must be a single mother with custody of children OR a woman returning to college with unique educational needs OR a married woman returning to college with inadequate family resources to finance her education 3. Must have completed at least 45 college credits and achieved an overall GPA of at least 2.7 4. Financial need 5. An essay, transcript and two letters of recommendation are required; Additional consideration will be given to a student involved in her community by service or volunteerism

Women's Center
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you returning to college after a lapsed period of time to complete a degree?
  2. Are you a woman returning to college with unique educational needs as a re-entry student?
  3. What is your marital status?
  4. Are you the parent or guardian of at least one dependent child ?
  5. Upload your most recent transcript. Previous transcripts may be submitted if you need to explain a deficient GPA. Transcripts must show your name and the name of the institution.
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