Lewis R. Royer Award for Quality and Excellence

1. Admitted major in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Technology Education, Technology Management, Manufacturing Engineering Technology or Construction Management. To apply, select one class project to submit for consideration. You must upload a written project summary (500-700 words) and up to 5 additional support pieces. The support pieces may include PDF or Word documents, photos, CAD drawings, videos, etc. If you have questions contact the ETS chairperson.

College of Science and Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit your 500-700 word project summary for the class project you have chosen to submit for consideration.
  2. You must include at least one, and up to five, support pieces for the project you have chosen. The support piece(s) may be a PDF or Word document, photo or CAD drawing and the upload must be smaller than 10MB.
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  3. I have uploaded at least one support piece.
  4. If your support piece is bigger than 10MB, upload a small portion above and type the URL of your portfolio here.