Business Student Executive Council (BSEC) Scholarship for Undergraduate Business Majors

Money for these scholarships is revenue from Career Day held annually. Awards are based on GPA, extracurricular activities and demonstrated leadership. Applicants must be declared to a business major, have completed at least one semester at SCSU, and have a GPA of at least 2.8. Declared majors without HBS Upper Division Status must be enrolled for at least 12 credits next semester. Declared majors with HBS Upper Division Status must be enrolled for at least 3 credits next semester. An essay is required. Limit of one BSEC Scholarship awarded during your SCSU college career.

Herberger Business School
Supplemental Questions
  1. List the organizations, societies (include sororities and fraternities), clubs and activities in which you are, or have been active. Include on and off campus organizations and activities. Indicate the time period of your involvement.
    • a) Organization's Name
    • b) Active time period
    • c) Leadership position held
  2. How many credits will you be taking next semester?
  3. Submit an essay titled "How This Scholarship Will Help Me Attain My Career Goals."
  4. Certification Statement: I certify that the information given above is true and correct. I understand that the award committee will verify the information I provided.