LeadMN Scholarships

At LeadMN we know that paying for college can cause a lot of worry for students, so to help lessen the burden we offer six different scholarships. With the support of individuals from all around Minnesota, LeadMN awards about $60,000 a year.

These scholarships include:
• LeadMN Leadership Scholarship
• Mark M. Welter Leadership Scholarship
• Dr. Steve and Darla Frantz Endowed Leadership Scholarship
• Linda Olson Memorial Scholarship
• Morrie Anderson Endowed Scholarship
• John Kenneth Niemi Memorial Tool Fund Scholarship
• Irja Sundgren Pratt Scholarship
• Christine Rice Annual Scholarship
• John and Kathryn O’Brien Endowed Scholarship
• Mark M. Welter 100% American Scholarship

For more information and to apply for the scholarships offered, click the “Visit” button.