Chemistry Transfer Student Scholarship

This scholarship is for new entering transfer students. It may be renewed for one year if the student has a SCSU chemistry courses GPA of 3.0 or higher when applying for renewal.

First time applicants: 1. Currently enrolled at another 2- or 4-year college 2. Admitted to SCSU as a chemistry, chemistry teaching, or biochemistry & molecular biology (BMB) major 3. Has completed the equivalent of general chemistry 1 with lab (combined B or higher) 4. Upload your current college transcript

Renewing applicants: If you received this scholarship last year and are applying for renewal you must upload your SCSU degree audit

College of Science and Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. New entering transfer students: Upload a transcript from each of your previous institutions (up to 3).
    • Transcript #1
    • Transcript #2
    • Transcript #3
  2. Renewing students: Did you receive this scholarship last year?
  3. Renewing students: If you received this scholarship last year upload your SCSU degree audit from eServices as a PDF. If using Chrome, right click to print then save as a PDF. If using other browsers, print your degree audit report, scan and save as a PDF.