Finance Alumni and Faculty Scholarship

1. Finance major with HBS Upper Division Status
2. Minimum of 78 credits completed at application
3. Completed or enrolled in at least three of the following courses: FIRE 371, 373, 471, 472, 473, 474 (required to upload degree audit report from eServices)
4. Scholastically demonstrated aptitude for successful career in finance
5. Must take at least 3 credits through classes, internship, or study abroad during fall semester.

Herberger Business School
Supplemental Questions
  1. List the course numbers for the FIRE classes you are currently taking (and upload your degree audit report on the general scholarship application):
  2. Please upload your degree audit report as a PDF (your degree audit report is available through eServices). If using Chrome, right click to print then save as a PDF. If using other browsers, print your degree audit report, scan and save as a PDF.