Roger Barrett Scholarship for Students in Brass Music Education

1. Music Education major 2. Plays a brass instrument 3. Enrolled full-time when the scholarship is received. Preference will be given to a junior. If you meet these requirements, apply now and ALSO submit the appropriate Audition Application found here to the Department of Music (submit the departmental audition application only once even if you are applying for multiple music scholarships here in Huskies Scholarships). Please note the various application deadlines for auditions. All music scholarship recipients are required to participate in lessons and a performing organization for the entire academic year. This scholarship may be renewed one year if the student’s overall GPA is at least 2.75 and music GPA is 3.0.

College of Liberal Arts, School of the Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. In which category will you audition?
  2. What is your primary instrument?
  3. Will you be taking private lessons when this scholarship is received?
  4. Please list the performing organization(s) you will be participating in when the scholarship is received.