Mary Ahles Adams Forensics (Speech & Debate) Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who intend to participate in the SCSU Forensics program for the upcoming school year. Special consideration is given to new entering freshmen and new entering transfer students. Criteria for the award include past participation high school speech activities (speech, debate), academic promise, and financial need. Recipients will be required to participate on the St. Cloud State University Speech & Debate Team during the upcoming year and attend weekly squad meetings and other functions, and must attend a minimum of 4 tournaments each semester. Recipients are also required to help at the Icebox Classic College Speech & Debate tournament and/or other tournaments held at SCSU. The Communication Studies review committee will select recipients and notify them outside of Huskies Scholarships.

Apply now, and when you have fulfilled the criteria described above you will be considered for a scholarship. If selected, the funds will be applied to an upcoming semester’s tuition according to the normal financial aid disbursement dates.

College of Liberal Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you intend to participate in the SCSU Forensics Program during the next academic year?
  2. Do you have previous experience participating in competitive speech and/or debate (forensics)?
  3. Please submit a summary of your speech, debate and/or theatre experience. Include events in which you competed, honors or awards earned, team leadership positions held, and other relevant information to be considered.